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Brajkovich Demolition & Salvage is the preferred team in Perth, with over 40 years of industry experience. Learn more about our industry and services from our expert blog, which specialises in all aspects of demolition, asbestos removal, salvage and waste management.

Yellow excavator working on a pile of rubble from a Demolition Expert

Perth’s Leading Demolition Expert: Why Our Clients Choose Us for Their Projects

By Brajkovich Demolition and Salvage | June 16, 2023

Demolition projects require specialised knowledge, experience, and equipment to be carried out safely and efficiently by demolition experts. That’s where Brajkovich Demolition & Salvage comes in. Our company, Perth’s Leading Demolition Expert, is committed to providing safe and successful demolition for our clients, and we…

Reusable building materials from old houses and buildings. A good example of the circual economy.

Save the Earth: Building with Recycled Building Materials in Australia

By Brajkovich Demolition and Salvage | May 3, 2023

As society continues to prioritise environmental sustainability, property developers and builders are seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to eco-friendly practices. One of the ways Brajkovich Demolition & Salvage is helping to achieve this is through our recycled building materials. Our company…

Old Australian suburban house demolition with excavator by professional demolition services

Professional Demolition Service Company: Clearing for Your Next Project

By Brajkovich Demolition and Salvage | April 28, 2023

If you’re considering renovating or developing your property and require the removal of existing structures, look no further than Brajkovich Demolition & Salvage. Our professional demolition service company is ready to help residential, commercial, and industrial clients with projects of any scale, providing a fresh…

Abandoned ruined industrial warehouse or factory building inside, corridor view with perspective, ruins and demolition concept, toned

Industrial Demolition Safety Precautions in WA

By Brajkovich Demolition and Salvage | March 8, 2023

Demolition is a crucial aspect of the construction industry and it is essential to execute these projects with utmost care and precision to avoid unnecessary accidents. Industrial demolition is a specialised field that involves the careful dismantling of large, complex structures such as factories, warehouses…

Old boats in a Salvage Scrap Yards

From Trash to Treasure: Environmental Benefits of Salvage Scrap Yards

By Brajkovich Demolition and Salvage | March 1, 2023

Salvage scrap yards have been around for decades, but in recent years, they’ve gained new importance as a way to reduce waste and promote sustainable manufacturing. These facilities take in all kinds of scrap, from discarded old bricks to glass windows, timber floors and fencing.…

Demolition work of old building with excavator working

The Ins and Outs of Demolition Work

By Brajkovich Demolition and Salvage | February 8, 2023

Demolition work is an essential part of any construction project, large or small. But demolition can be a tricky business. It requires a lot of skill, planning, and safety precautions to get it done right. Whether you’re tearing down an old building or demolishing an…

Recycled Wood in Gazebo

Creative Ways To Use Recycled Wood And Recycled Timber

By Brajkovich Demolition and Salvage | January 9, 2023

We’ve all heard the phrase, “reduce, reuse, recycle.” But when it comes to recycled wood and recycled timber, how can we use them? There are many creative and sustainable ways to use recycled wood and timber. Let’s explore what you can do with these versatile…

Professionals in protective suits finding asbestos in home and removes it

Where to Find Asbestos in Homes Or Building

By Brajkovich Demolition and Salvage | December 28, 2022

Finding Asbestos in homes before the 1980s is a real risk for many homeowners. Although asbestos was once highly praised for its strength and heat resistance properties, it has since been banned from the construction industry due to the health risks associated with its presence.…

used Building Materials

Ways to Reuse Building Materials from a Demolition Project

By Brajkovich Demolition and Salvage | November 1, 2022

It is better for the environment and society to find ways to reuse building materials from demolition projects instead of throwing them away. Using things for something else instead of throwing them away can be good for the environment and save money. The purpose of…

types of building demolition with excavator demolishing a building

Types of Building Demolition We Handle in Perth & Across WA

By Brajkovich Demolition and Salvage | September 30, 2022

Being a seasoned demolition firm, Brajkovich Demolition & Salvage can provide secure and affordable options for your next building demolition project. As such, our well qualified and knowledgeable personnel is committed to finishing each project to the best of the demolition process standards. You may…

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