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Variety of Demolition Application and Services Explained

Demolition applications from companies in Australia have a license to perform various services, ranging from small residential jobs to large commercial demolition projects. They can determine the type of work they do by the size and scope of the project, the demolition permit application, and their expertise. A demolition company will typically receive their license as asbestos removalists, offering asbestos removal and site clean-up services.


1. Demolition Applications and Services for Residential 


Residential demolitions usually involve the demolition of a house, unit or duplex.  So, if you need a demolition team to do this process, you can ensure they will do it without fail. Furthermore, you can break down the process into three main stages:


  • The first stage is preparation, which includes disconnecting services and, if necessary, asbestos removal.
  • The second stage is demolition, which uses heavy machinery, such as excavators fitted with hydraulic attachments.
  • The third and final stage is site clean-up, which involves removing all debris from the site and preparing it for rebuilding.

2. Demolition Applications and Services for Commercial 


Commercial demolitions are typically more complicated than residential demolitions because they frequently involve the demolition of multiple buildings simultaneously. So, depending on the size and type of structure being demolished and the application for demolition of construction, they may also require specialised equipment. As with residential demolitions, apart from demolition permit application, commercial demolitions typically have three stages:


  • preparation
  • demolition and;
  • site clean-up


So, stage one disconnects utilities, removes asbestos and other hazardous materials, and installs support to protect neighbouring buildings from damage during demolition. Furthermore, in the second stage, heavy machinery performs the demolition, selecting the method based on the structure’s type, location, and environment. The final stage entails clearing debris and restoring the area to its original state.


3. Demolitions for Industrial


The application for demolition of building in the industrial sector is by far the most complex type of demolition. They often entail the destruction of large, multi-story buildings or entire factories and present a significantly intricate process. The initial phase aligns with residential demolitions, necessitating all utilities’ disconnection and removing fixtures and fittings.


Nevertheless, the complexity intensifies in the second stage of the type of demolition intensifies the complexity. Moreover, it begins with a structural assessment to determine the most optimal demolition approach, which may entail top-down or bottom-up deconstruction. Once the demolition method is chosen, a team of experts proceeds with the work, employing heavy machinery.


The Takeaway


Dismantling buildings safely and efficiently requires a wide range of expertise in the demanding discipline of demolition. So, whether it’s complete demolition for site redevelopment or selective and deconstruction methods for sustainable practices, the technique of choice for demolition is project-specific. 


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