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Coventry Markets, Morley, WA

The refurbishment of Coventry Group’s Morley depot to create Morley Coventry Markets as they are today included the removal of 22,000m2 of asbestos roof sheeting. The remaining structural roof components were methodically washed and cleaned under controlled conditions to provide a safe environment for incoming fit-out contractors, tenants and the general public to use.

Internal asbestos products, such as flat wall sheeting, over 5000m2 of asbestos vinyl tiling and numerous electrical backing boards and pipe gaskets were also removed before the demolition of the remaining structure’s internal office blocks and 4000m2 of outlying office blocks and storage sheds on the same site. Several structural separations were also designed to allow for the demolition of the original building’s tilt panel facades and entry statements, allowing for the creation of the market’s piazza-style alfresco restaurant complex, which greets thousands of visitors every day when they arrive at the iconic site.

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