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Demolition of North Quay Wool-Dumpers Sheds, Rous Head, Fremantle, WA

A major component of the overhaul of the Rous Head wharf area included the demolition of the old wool-dumper sheds. These structures included a 10,000m2 steel and iron-clad shed that was completely dismantled using cranes and sold for re-use in the farming industry, as well as an 18,000m2 asbestos-clad shed.

The latter structure’s proximity to bodies of water on either side, as well as its deteriorated state due to exposure to oceanic elements, presented the challenge of removing extreme amounts of asbestos while having no impact on the surrounding environment. This challenge was met successfully throughout the project by using 100 per cent bio-degradable and environmentally safe bonding agents to seal the weathered asbestos products before removal, thorough cleaning of structural steel before mechanical demolition and close collaboration with an environmental consulting team.

Inherited in-ground contaminants surrounding the hydraulic press service pit and fuel tank removal were also successfully remediated and made safe following demolition through strict processes of delicate excavation operations and rigorous in-house monitoring of all works.

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